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Win big on matchday

You can now win cash and money can't buy club prizes at every home game

The Fulham Flutter is also in support of the Fulham FC Foundation - so every time you play, you're also helping to sponsor our Foundation's many good causes

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How to play Fulham Flutter

  • Buy your tickets online on any device, or at the ground on matchday using cash or card
  • Watch the live matchday jackpot grow with every ticket purchased on matchday
  • Check the winning numbers announced at half time
  • If you have a winning ticket, claim your prize
  • Playing online means automatic entry into exclusive prize draws and you become a regular supporter of good causes

Example Fulham Flutter breakdown

Presuming 10,000 tickets are sold:

  • 10,000 tickets will generate £20,000 in proceeds
  • 30% of the proceeds (or £6,000) will go toward Cash Prizes
  • 50% of the proceeds (or £10,000) will go towards unrestricted funding for our Fulham FC Foundation
  • 20% of the proceeds (or £4,000) will go towards the cost of running the draw

Breakdown of proceeds

30% toward cash prizes, 50% to our Fulham FC Foundation (who also absorbs the cost of running the draw).

MatchPlus, the Fulham Foundation Super draw operator, takes a 20% fee from each ticket sold at the stadium or through the website, with no upfront or fixed fee. In return MatchPlus finances 100% of the cost of running the draw.

Cost of running the draw

  • Stadium operations, staff and equipment
  • Technology platform build, constant improvement
  • Tailored marking & branding for the Fulham Flutter
  • Payment processing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer Support

How to claim your prize

Online Players


If you have an online account and you've won a prize, you will be notified by email. We'll ask you to fill in your bank details and then we'll transfer your winnings!

Stadium Players


Stadium Players are required to use the online claim form to claim their prize.

In order to receive your winnings, you'll need to prove you are in possesion of a valid ticket, along with identification and banking details.